What kind of spare parts can I order?

We are delivering of parts and accessories for all makes American automobiles, as well as all Japanese and European cars made for the US market as well as for pickup trucks, trucks and buses.

Can I order spare parts for my classic car?

We have ability to deliver all kind of spare parts for cars from 1912 to 1970.

Can I count on you to help me out to find the exact parts that I need?

We would be delighted to help you chose and order parts and accessories with the best quality for the best price. We are taking orders for all parts that we do not have on stock.

What are your requirements for placing an order?

Data needed for placing an order:

  • VIN Number, make, model and year of production.
  • Type—(Rear wheel drive, Front wheel drive or 4x4).
  • Gearbox type—(manual or automatic).
  • Distribution box type(if such exists).
  • Type of differential—(front or rear).
  • Wheels size (originally supplied from the manufacturer)—extra added wheels larger than the original can lead to incorrectly identifying the needed parts
    (brake pads or brake disks).
  • Extras—(Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Sun/Moon roof, Electric windows etc.)
  • Advance prepayment 70% of the order value in BGN.
  • Correct contact information.

When can I place an order for spare parts?

We accept orders Monday to Thursday incl. In rare occasions we can take orders Fridays, but we do not guarantee next week delivery. The orders will be available for pick up Thursdays and Fridays of the week following the order. When order is accepted you will receive signed order confirmation with the data of your vehicle(s), the type, amount and value of the ordered parts, the amount of your prepayment and the delivery conditions.

When usually the spare parts are delivered?

The deliveries are every workweek near the weekend. In rare occasions due to flight delays, natural disasters, strikes and national holydays the deliveries might be delayed for indefinite time, but our practice shows that those delays are not longer than two weeks. Vest Auto Ltd. is not taking responsibilities for delivery delays due to the above-described reasons.

Vest Auto Ltd. does not take responsibility for delivered wrong parts if you do not supply us wit accurate data for your vehicle or incorrect description of the parts needed. In such cases the delivery of new (corrected) parts and/or exchanges will be on the customer's account.

All kind of auto parts for SUV's, cars, pick-up's, van's: